Report: Butler student tour guide accused of rape

A male Butler University student tour guide was accused by a female student tour guide of rape earlier this month, according to RTV6 Indianapolis’ Stephen Dean and the Indianapolis Star.

Dean tweeted Thursday afternoon that police were taking the case to prosecutors to charge the unnamed male student with rape. This followed Butler University Police Department searching the 23-year-old male suspect’s off-campus apartment in compliance with a search warrant Wednesday.

The incident occurred on Dec. 7, according to court documents, and was reported to BUPD on Dec. 8. The alleged rape was part of BUPD’s Dec. 9 crime log.

The alleged rape is said to have occurred at an off-campus apartment on the 4600 block of Hinesley Avenue, following a Butler Student Ambassador party. According to court documents, the female student talked with the male suspect at the party and agreed to accompany him to his apartment to check on his dog. News reports say the two either visited a different party before going to the male student’s apartment, or were going to visit a different party after checking on the dog.

According to court documents, the female student was playing with the dog in the male student’s bedroom, when the male student began making sexual advances toward her. This eventually resulted in the male student forcing the female student to perform a sexual act on him before he raped her, according to court documents.

Matthew Mindrum, Butler’s vice president for marketing and communications, released the following statement to The Collegian via email Thursday morning on behalf of Butler University:

“On December 8, the Butler University Police Department was alerted to an alleged sexual assault of a female student by a male student. Butler University takes allegations of sexual assault—and all crimes—very seriously and immediately began an investigation to gather the facts, while also providing support services to the victim. The BUPD investigation is ongoing, and we are unable to comment on the incident at this time, out of respect for the privacy of the individuals involved and because the federal law prohibits us from doing so.”

Read the Indianapolis Star’s full report for more on the current known details surrounding the case.

The Collegian will continue to update this story as more details become available.


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