OPINION | Everyone can enjoy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and if you have not been lucky enough to be struck by Cupid this year, do not panic.
Valentine’s Day is a made-up, commercialized holiday. It holds no real value. Being single on this day  is no reason to sulk while everyone else  schmoozes with their partner. People are not defined by their relationship status, so being sad on Valentine’s Day is a waste of time.
Going out with a group of friends is the perfect activity to do. Having a bad time in the presence of good friends is difficult.
If the funds are short or there is just a need to do so, one can always spend the day volunteering.
“My roommates and I are volunteering at the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired,” said Junior Emily Persohn, junior pharmacy major.
Other students are treating Valentine’s Day just like any other day.
For students who do not have a ride and cannot leave campus, having a movie night is a fun activity to do with friends. Staying in is not bad because as long as we treat ourselves,we all can be happy.
Having a date on Valentine’s Day means you have to go out and spend money—something most college students do not have. Think about all of the extra stress you are saving yourself by not going out and struggling to make reservations at the  city’s finest diners.
Last year, Residential College hosted a speed-dating activity in its dining hall. Even though it is not hosting the activity this year if you are in need of a date, there are other  options available.
One could always test his or her luck on Tinder. With a wide database of singles, the chances of meeting eligible suitors  is very high.
Some students leave the day
However the day turns out, Valentine’s Day comes around only once a year. Do not let a lonely heart ruin the day.