COMMENTARY | Philosophy of “Arts, Etc.”

Why are you here, dear reader? You have come to “Arts, Etc.” to find what exactly?

What “et cetera” means in the context of a liberal arts university is difficult to pin down.

Students, faculty, staff, parents and other community members have many different interests that this section might address.

Our publication also has the duty to cover the art world on campus and in our city.

Indianapolis offers much in the realm of art: a full-time symphony orchestra, professional theaters, dance companies, art galleries and much more.

Butler University beams with creativity as well.

We have one of the best dance schools in the nation, a passionate and growing art + design program and extremely active music and theater departments.

All at Butler bring ingenuity and aesthetics to their own fields, no matter their profession or major.

My mission as editor this year is to experiment and bring The Collegian an arts section like it has never had before.

I intend to delve deeper into art than this section has done in the past.

I aim to broaden the horizons of the students and other community members by expanding our coverage.

The “Butler bubble” that looms over our campus hinders the artistic growth of those who live under its shadow.

This year, my staff and I are determined to do the following things:

We will write hard-news articles on topics that affect art and life at Butler and in Indianapolis.

We will write human- interest pieces and features on those aspects of the Butler community that make us unique or that we think will interest you.

We will review art on and off campus in order to foster deeper understanding and build ties between the Butler community and Indy art venues.

We will explore interesting people and exhibits that are coming to Butler and to the city.

Therefore, I challenge you, dear reader.

I challenge you to read this section every week with no preconceptions, to allow yourself to be surprised and excited by what we offer. I challenge you to engage us with your own opinions, interests and story ideas.

Most of all, I challenge you to break free of the umbra and dance in the light.

Get off campus and explore the cultural districts. (Broad Ripple is not the only one.)

Watch movies you would not usually view. Go hear lecturers present on time travel and polar bears, or attend a Butler Symphony Orchestra concert.

There is so much more to experience at Butler and in Indy than any one person can enjoy, but it is a pity if you don’t try.

So why are you here, dear reader, when there is a world to explore outside these pages?


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