LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Negative coverage misses mark

As a two-time alumna and a staff member here on campus, I have found The Collegian to be really disappointing lately regarding the topics and stories covered.

It doesn’t portray the Butler that I know, and what kind of message are you hoping to send to prospective students, parents and the community?

Of course, every organization has issues that need attention and can identify ways to be more efficient, but instead of focusing on the negative, I don’t see enough of the positive.

It really disappoints me when assumptions are made before the truth has been uncovered. For example, in the opinion article “The administrative assistant does not need a Ph.D.,” it mentions under-utilizing an employee who has a doctorate degree.

Do you know the story behind why she applied for the position, and did you ask her why she chose to come back and serve Butler in a different capacity?

If you had, maybe you would have really been inspired by her reasoning. Butler didn’t seek someone with a Ph.D. for that position; SHE sought it out. But that is just one example.

I am very much an advocate for making Butler better and collaborating to institute positive change, but some of the articles in the Collegian really frustrate me because they don’t tell the whole story and many other incredible things are happening on this campus.

In closing, as someone who works hard every day to make Butler a great place, I am tired of picking up the Collegian only to hear of gossipy stories and issues that get a little spun around.

Does it have to take events such as the untimely passing of a beloved faculty member to highlight the really positive things that have been done and are being done on this campus?

I sure hope not because we have some great students, great programs, wonderful employees and exciting times ahead!
Thank you for listening.

—Julie Schrader, Manager of Employee Development