Students consider adding new Greek organization

Students looking to get involved in Greek life may soon have a new option on Butler University’s campus.

Ciara Williams, a sophomore science, technology and society major, is attempting to establish a Butler chapter of Alpha Nu Omega, a national Christian fraternity and sorority.

“I was evaluating my options at Butler to see if I wanted to take part in Greek life or not,” Williams said. “None of them seemed like a good fit, but last spring I found out about Alpha Nu Omega and started the process of establishing a chapter.”

Starting student organizations is student driven, according to PuLSE Office Director Caroline Huck-Watson. In order for an organization to be approved, there must be at least four interested students.

Williams is in the process of recruiting students and generating interest, with one or two students who are committed. Williams said she sees value in Alpha Nu Omega for Christians on campus.

“The Christian community is small, and Butler is even smaller,” Williams said. “I think Alpha Nu Omega would be a good alternative to Greek life on campus.”

Becky Druetzler, director of Greek life, pointed to the communities formed by Greek organizations.

“The student body [at Butler] does a good job of pursuing experiences deeper than the classroom,” Druetzler said.

These experiences can be social, such as in the 14 housed Greek organizations on campus, or non-social, such as an academic or special-interest fraternity or sorority.

Junior psychology major Anna Tirman is a member of a special interest Greek organization, music sorority Tau Beta Sigma.

“The main goal [of special- interest Greek organizations] is to allow people with similar interests to get together in order to promote their cause,” Tirman said. “I feel it has other roles, such as creating opportunities to make new friends and connections with others who are of like mind.”

Williams cited this like-mindedness as something she hopes will transform the organization into a Christian family at Butler.

“Obviously Butler is a small community,” Williams said. “One thing I really like about our campus is that you can be a family. I wanted to start Alpha Nu Omega to give other Christians and myself the option to have that kind of connection.”

Tirman said she agrees.

“I have a strong social network that supports me while I’m at Butler,” Tirman said. “It’s basically like a second family.”

Tirman said students looking to join special-interest Greek organizations should have the same joining considerations just as they would for a social Greek organization.

“Look for organizations that hold a great interest or value in your life,” Tirman said.“If there is more than one Greek organization of the same interest, consider both of them equally before making a decision on which to join.”


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