BASKETBALL ISSUE | Where to watch the game

by Kyle Wehr

The excitement of game day—something that is common among all colleges. Whether it be football, basketball or soccer, game day brings many things to mind from tailgating, to the bar scene and house parties.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to enjoy it, anything is up for grabs when it comes to the weekly college holiday known as game day.

Hinkle Fieldhouse is the top option for watching any and all home games here on campus.

“The entire atmosphere at Hinkle just makes it irresistible for a fan,” junior Ryan Medas said.

One factor to keep in mind for this season is that Butler will be playing a lot of teams from high-scale programs, and most of those match-ups will be off campus.

Men’s basketball games against Louisville and Xavier are big match-ups that will be played on the floor of Hinkle Fieldhouse this season.

“Rivalry games are the best to watch at the bars in Broad Ripple,” senior Wyllie Wagoner said, “but when it comes to playoff games, you have to be on campus.”

The atmosphere of campus during basketball games seemed to be attractive for students.

For junior Kyle Johannsen, superstition also plays a big factor.

She said she prefers to watch the games at the Tao Kappa Epsilon fraternity house “because every time I watch a game there, Butler wins.”

However, for the less superstitious, it comes down to comfort and the social scene.

Medas and sophomore Bryce Campbell like watching with friends regardless of where the game is being played.

“My friend’s house on the knoll is the best place to watch a game,” Campbell said. “There are drinks, food, sports and bonding with friends.”

Medas agreed.

“I prefer to watch [the games] in my fraternity house,” he said. “I am surrounded by people I know, and it is within the comfort of my own home.”


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