Jordan Hall Mail Center moved to Holcomb basement over summer

The Jordan Hall Mail Center closed June 3 to prepare for renovations to the Learning Resource Center.

All university mail services have been consolidated in the basement of the Holcomb Building at a previously established mail center.

Pam Hopkins, mail processor, said she got to chat with students and community members quite frequently as they passed down the halls by the old location.

“The Mail Center is the heartbeat of the university,” she said, commenting on the way mail flowed in and out each day.

Hopkins said she is skeptical of the new location, pointing to what she sees as an inconvenience for faculty and staff since the Mail Center lost its central location.

“There isn’t the same amount of traffic down here,” she said.

Hopkins said she feels the Mail Center may be more “out of sight, out of mind” down in the basement.

Mail Center Supervisor Barry Rector pointed out several of the positive aspects of the move.

“We are trying to make the best of our resources,” he said. “Butler is like a business and students are our customers.”

Rector assumed the position of Mail Center supervisor shortly before the move took place.

He noted there has been no decrease in services offered.

Rector said the unified location allows for a better utilization of manpower as well.

“If [Hopkins] is at lunch, we don’t have to close the window,” Rector said, noting how the window would be closed if Hopkins was alone in Jordan. “We are working efficiently.”

Hopkins said though she will miss her old location, she is pleased with the efforts of her colleagues and hopes to maintain the cheery atmosphere that many students, faculty and staff have grown to know and love.

“[Rector] has gone out of his way for us,” she said. “Everyone’s been wonderful.”

And despite the surroundings of a largely undecorated basement, Hopkins’ mail window still maintains its vibrant aura despite the reduction in space for posting Butler basketball clippings.


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