BACK WITH A BANG: New places, new locations and new things to do

It’s been a while, Butler University, and nearby businesses have missed our constant presence—and money—in their establishments. In celebration, they’ve even added some pretty kicking things to our main spots so we wouldn’t get bored. With school just beginning, we know your workload is as slim as it will be all year. Go ahead, take in the new atmosphere of Boogie Burger or catch a Fringe performance before you’re drowning in midterms or exams.

Broad Ripple Avenue
Got a sweet tooth that won’t come loose? Don’t feel like leaving campus? Broad Ripple soon will provide a solution to both of these problems: Insomnia Cookies.  This late-night cookie delivery service delivers milk and cookies to wherever you are until 2 a.m. With classics like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle, Insomnia Cookies was created by college students for college students.  With 16 other campus locations around the country, this unique delivery system is sure to become a favorite at Butler and definitely is worth checking out. You place an order online or by phone: so simple, it’s sweet.

10-01 FOOD & DRINK
1001 Broad Ripple Ave.
Delicious, comfortable and with just enough swank to make it feel like a true night out. 10-01 takes basic American comfort food and adds a special twist, pleasing both the foodie and the traditionalist in your group. It adds another fantastic area on the main drag of B-Rip to sit outside, enjoy a drink (or a lemonade) and people watch on the Monon.

1904 E. Broad Ripple Ave.
Boogie Burger is still boogeying, but all such boogie tomfoolery now is happening at a new groovy location. They’re still offering the same wonderfulness on a bun, but the larger dining area means more people, which means more money and more Boogie.

801 West Washington St.
The ever-fabulous lineup from The Lawn at White River State Park still has plenty to give, offering great music and (hopefully) great weather at its outdoor location. Guster and Jack’s Mannequin fans, grab your tickets now for their Aug. 29 show. Earth, Wind & Fire takes the stage in September and the Avett Brothers plan to rock out in October. But we can’t say we were too upset about Ke$ha’s unexpected cancellation of last night’s show.

Fringe is all about “nurturing smaller production,” in executive director Pauline Moffat’s words, while still drawing headlining acts. It brings in people from all around. Fringe told us there’s been real buzz so far for “PIAF: A Celebration!,” a Dance Kaleidoscope production inspired by Edith Piaf. See a show before it ends Aug. 28.

4000 Michigan Road
The last-ever Summer Nights film will be this weekend in the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s outdoor amphitheater. The movie scheduled for this Friday is the 1978 “Superman,” so you can remember what superhero movies looked like before 3-D special effects.

4000 Michigan Road
As August draws to a close, winter and fall bring fears of cold weather, snow and possibly more ice storms. Take advantage of the 70- to 80- degree weather and frolic around the IMA’s Art and Nature Park and enjoy the art, the landscapes and the company. Bring a picnic; bring your homework. Your next opportunity won’t come until spring exams.


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