STAFF EDITORIAL | Collegian staff is ‘all for Al’

With the Butler University SGA elections set to take place Feb. 28, there is plenty of discussion on campus over who the best candidate is to fill this important position.

We were fortunate enough to hear from and ask questions of both candidates. After having heard their stances on the issues and carefully evaluating each candidate’s platform, The Butler Collegian endorses Al Carroll for SGA president.

We feel his platform is ambitious, but focused enough to be successful. We can see some very positive changes in the university’s future if Carroll were to be elected.

Carroll’s opponent, junior Anna Roueche, provided a strong platform as well.  We applaud her commitment to making SGA meetings more accessible to Butler students, much like Carroll supports. Roueche also took a positive position on the Grants Committee, an underutilized resource on Butler’s campus.

However, when it comes to each candidate’s experiences in student government, we feel that Carroll’s shows a strong standing commitment to student representation.

Carroll serves as the SGA parliamentarian for the 2010-11 academic year. In addition, he served on the SGA Grants Committee during the 2009-10 academic year. In high school, he earned experience while serving as SGA president for two years.

In his platform, Carroll states that he wants Butler University students “to view SGA as a resource, rather than a burden.”

On campus, SGA is a highly powerful organization and we feel that it is important for students to realize the benefits that it can bring to the Butler community.

A change that Carroll called for was for more accessibility for Butler students to attend the weekly SGA meetings. Carroll feels that it is important for all students to be heard and would permit a seating gallery for non-SGA members, as well as giving them the chance to speak on issues as non-voting members.

We also feel that Carroll’s views on the Finance Board are insightful and his proposed solution could likely bring about efficient changes to the governing board.  Carroll feels that the  vice president of Finance has too much power and there is virtually no oversight powers from the assembly.  As opposed to one individual, the VP, making major decisions regarding grants, Carroll feels that instead these decisions should be decided upon by the SGA assembly.

Regarding the budget, Carroll feels that structuring it should occur at the end of the school year, as opposed to the beginning. This allows for major changes to be made, if necessary, by experienced assembly members in a timely manner. We feel this would prevent hastily-made budget decisions regarding SGA’s nearly $700,000 budget in the first meeting of the school year.

Carroll spoke strongly of the SGA Operations Board, an outfit that in Carroll’s opinion is not being utilized to its full potential and provides numerous benefits to Butler’s campus. Carroll would like to see the opportunities associated with Operations Board advertised on campus.

Carroll is someone who is truly engaged on this campus and wants to make everyone heard, both independent and Greek students. This has been exemplified by Carroll’s job as a Resident Assistant, showing his qualities in a role that requires not only engagement with students, but also responsibility and leadership.

Carroll is someone who is  highly accessible and approachable. He is a personable, friendly individual—someone who would be available to the student body.

As a current SGA member, his parliamentary procedure part of the meeting is already the most entertaining and we are curious to see what Carroll is capable of if elected to the office of SGA president.

Editor’s note: Any Collegian staff member directly involved with either campaign was not involved with our endorsement decision.