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‘Pigeons’ examines alcoholism, relationships

“Hating yourself is a form of egotism.” This is the central paradox of Dan Barden’s  new play, “Pigeons,” which began its world premiere performances by the Butler University theatre department during its run last week. Barden is an associate professor in the English department. Barden’s play, his second written for the Butler theatre department, features

Russian tale brought to life

“The Fool of the World,” a famous Russian folktale originally written for children, will come to life under the direction of senior Thomas Benoist this semester. Benoist was introduced to the script last year while working on another student’s senior project, “Grimm’s Tales.” He chose to direct “Fool” for its youthful qualities. “Theater has helped

Theatre department to premiere professor’s work

Acting in a play is an exhilarating experience, but shaping the script of the play as it is written is a rare pleasure. It is one which Butler University theatre students are enjoying with the department’s production of “Pigeons.” Dan Barden, an associate English professor,  wrote “Pigeons.” The play is set in Greenwich Village, N.Y.,

JCA presents Lyric Theatre and ‘Bali Dream’

The Jordan College of the Arts is gearing up to present a Lyric Theatre performance and “Bali Dream” at Butler University this weekend. Lyric Theatre is presenting its first performance of the semester. The student singers are participating in a night full of opera scenes. A 27-piece orchestra will back up fun and recognizable scenes

Showcase will shine light on students

Any man impersonating President Barack Obama while performing a rendition of Snoop Doggy Dogg’s “Gin and Juice” in front of an audience may come off as a bit abnormal. Interrupt that speech with a woman blaring rock ‘n’ roll in the back of the house, and most onlookers may become a bit perturbed. To many,

Balinese dance featured in performance

The sharp twang of traditional gamelan instruments mixed with colorful, gold-leafed costumes and precise hand movements are bringing Balinese culture to the Indianapolis community this semester. Butler University theatre students dove headfirst into the artistic practices of Bali—an island province of Indonesia—during the past two weeks in preparation for this weekend’s Balinese Spectacular performance at

From NYC to Butler: ‘Seven’ celebrates women

Performers from Butler University and from the Phoenix Theater take on the lives and hardships of women from around the world in their production of “Seven.” The documentary play “Seven” will be performed at Butler University’s Lilly Hall Studio Theatre next week from Sept. 5 through Sept. 8. Though there will be performances of the

JCFA constructs Howie and fall performances

The Jordan College of Fine Arts is looking forward to a busy and productive year, complete with a new theater, some rocking a capella CDs and some new dance performances. On May 13, just after students washed their hands clean of final exams, Howard L. Schrott was brushing his hands clean of something else—namely, dirt—at