My top 10 essential essential oils

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We are three weeks into school, currently tackling our fourth headfirst. School started in a blur, the second week let us off easy with a four-day week, but last week — last week was brutal. The air is getting a chill to it — or at least it should be — and the sickness, always starting with the first years, is spreading its way through campus.

The sore throat, fever, stomach bug or just the continuous stress of being a semi-adult with the title of “college student” is hitting hard and it is only September. But have no fear! I have declared it “Self-Care September”, and I have the perfect remedy to all of your ailments — essential oils.

As a disclaimer, I would like to make it clear that I am no doctor, nor any sort of medical professional of any kind — I am actually the farthest from it. In no way am I promoting the substitution of medicines with essential oils. They are only supplemental aids to common ailments that we all have felt in one form or another. I cannot promise that essential oils will cure you of your problems. All I am here to do is share with you my knowledge and hope that you find it helpful along the way. 

On that note, first off… please do not, I repeat — DO NOT — ingest essential oils. They are only for aromatherapy and for topical use. They taste really bad too, so just do not do it. Thank you! 

Over the years I have always used essential oils here and there — lavender when I am stressed, rose when I want to lift up my mood, et cetera. There are so many different kinds of essential oils and each have their own special benefits.

In order for me to help you find the best essential oil, I have compiled a list; my own personal top ten list of the most popular and helpful essential oils to use in order for you to feel in tip-top shape in no time. Granted, this is college, so “tip-top shape” never really is achieved, but we can still strive towards it, right? 

My top 10 Essential Essential Oils: 


  1. Peppermint: Yes, it smells like Christmas, but it works better than a Christmas miracle. A little bit placed directly under your nose can help with any stomach problem you are experiencing — no need for a handful of Tumz to go with your breakfast in the morning. It can also help with headaches and give you that little extra boost of energy that your Business Building nitro brew did not. 


  1. Lavender: This essential oil is probably the most popular of all the essential oils. This anti-anxiety, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral and immune-boosting essential oil literally does it all. Put a little bit of it on your neck, wrists or under your nose to smell it throughout the day, and I swear it will help you get through that mid-day slump we all experience.  


  1. Sandalwood: This oil is like a knock-off Lavender, honestly, but it still slaps, so definitely use it. Use it in a diffuser and it will help calm your nerves and focus on the tasks at hand. We all know there are like four different tasks to be done all at once; just rub some Sandalwood on your wrist and tackle the day, darling. 


  1. Bergamot: We all know that Indiana water totally RUINS our skin. For majority of the year, we are all subjected to this terrible soft water. The stress from school definitely does not help, but it is a lot easier to blame it on Indiana, right? No worries, this essential oil treats both problems. Place a little bit of Bergamot on the irritated skin to help all of those blemishes go away — the ones on the surface and on the inside as well. 


  1. Rose: This oil also accomplishes all that Lavender does, but if you are looking for a softer smell, then Rose is your gal. This comfy and cozy smelling oil reduces anxiety and boosts your mood when you are feeling down. Plus, smelling like a rose is way better than any perfume, and cheaper! 


  1. Chamomile: People with strep throat, the flu, mono or any other sort of sickness, this one’s for you. CHAMO — and I can not stress this enough — MILE! Put some on your neck, under your nose, or on your chest to help you finally fall asleep — even with that scratchy throat that hurts like crazy. 


  1. Ylang-Ylang: I love Ibuprofen just as much as the next person — probably even more, honestly — but if that migraine headache is still pounding away after four liquid-gel fast acting tablets, this essential oil will become your best friend. Place a bit under your nose or on your chest and slowly that brain splitting headache will disappear. 


  1. Tea Tree: I swear this essential oil is too good to be true — but it works and it is wild! This power oil fights infections, boosts immunity, heals blemishes and is a replacement benzoyl peroxide if you want something a bit nicer on your soft skin. This oil has a super strong scent so do not put it too close to your nose, it will make your eyes water — or maybe that is just you tearing up a bit. If so, see numbers two, three, five and nine. 


  1. Jasmine: This oil is another one of those anxiety and depression aiding oils, and it smells divine! Really Lavender, Sandalwood, Rose and Jasmine all smell amazing and accomplish the same task. Choose your fighter. 


  1. Lemon: Using Lemon oil, like Tea Tree, is a power move. This antibacterial, astringent and antiseptic agent does all that AND it helps with digestion problems and headaches. There is a reason Lemon Pledge house cleaner is the best in the business.  

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