Dawgs with Style: Alexa Renfro

Alexa Renfro is a Butler student with style. Photos by Adam Cvik.

MADDY KLINE | STAFF REPORTER | mgkline@butler.edu

Trip isn’t the only dawg with style at Butler University. Upon first glance, Butler may seem to have fallen fate to the universal college outfit of oversized t-shirts, leggings and Birkenstocks. When looking closer, you might find someone like Alexa Renfro, a junior marketing major, who wasn’t fazed by the style monotony plaguing most college campuses. Since her first year, she’s maintained her individual and unique style.

The Butler Collegian: When would you say you first started developing the style you have now?

Alexa Renfro: My grandma is really into fashion, and ever since I was in high school, I would borrow her things all the time. I feel like I started developing it then because I went to a catholic grade school, so I didn’t get to actually wear normal clothes until high school. Plus, Instagram helps a lot.

TBC: Is your style is constantly evolving or do you think you’ve fallen into something you’re sticking with?

AR: I would say constantly evolving, but my favorite is business casual.

TBC: Are there any words you would use to describe your style?

AR: Maybe trendy mixed with vintage. I wear a lot of business pants.


TBC: Did you have any fashion icons either now or growing up?

AR: I am obsessed with Meghan Markle and everything she’s been wearing since she became duchess. So Meghan Markle for sure, Zendaya for sure and my grandma.

TBC: Do you have any influences for your style that aren’t necessarily a person?

AR: I like to dress for the occasion and for the environment, so I feel like my style definitely shows in terms of that. When I go to work I’ll dress one way, but when I get back to school I’ll shift into a different outfit.


TBC: Are there any places you love to shop, or brands that you like?

AR: I love Zara, but then I also love a good sale. There’s this store in the Chicago suburbs called Last Chance, which is basically the third tier of Nordstrom. It’s amazing brands that are on super sale, like $10. Goodwill is always a good one.

You can follow Alexa on instagram at @_alexaplay.


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