Butler Victim Advocate Sara Minor to resign from university

Collegian file photo. 

MARISA MILLER | MANAGING EDITOR | mnmille1@butler.edu

Sara Minor, the victim advocate at Butler University, is voluntarily resigning from the university effective on May 8. This resignation was confirmed by a university spokesperson.

This information was first told to the Collegian by two members of Butler’s faculty and staff and confirmed by Minor herself. One of the sources said they believe that Minor’s departure involved Butler’s general legal counsel after pushback from the university regarding a Collegian article Minor was quoted in on April 4.

In the article, Minor said she did not believe the university’s planned increases in sexual assault awareness and prevention programming are effective ways to address the issue on campus.

The Collegian could not confirm the involvement of Butler’s general legal counsel in the situation.

Minor declined to do a formal interview for any Collegian story regarding her departure. When asked about the circumstances surrounding her resignation, Minor did not confirm or deny the following claims: the involvement of Butler’s general legal counsel and if her resignation had anything to do with the April 4 Collegian article.


Minor’s position at the university was Prevention Educator and Victim Resource Specialist for the Health Education and Outreach Programs department. Her main role on campus was as a victim advocate for those students affected by sexual assault, dating abuse and domestic violence.

After May 8, the victim advocate phone number will be taken over and monitored by Sarah Diaz, the assistant director for Health Education and Outreach Programs.

Shortly after an IndyStar article came out alleging the university improperly handled a sexual assault investigation, President James Danko sent out an email to the university reaffirming the university’s commitment to work through these issues with staff resources and new hires.

“In addition, Butler had hired a new Title IX Coordinator Jamie Brennan, and a Prevention Educator and Victim Resource Specialist, Sara Minor, both of whom are absolutely committed to the well-being and safety of all people on our campus,” Danko said in the Feb. 2 email.

All of Minor’s information is still listed on Butler’s website under Health Education and Outreach Programs along with Student Affairs.

The Collegian has also reached out to Frank Ross for comment.

The Collegian will continue to follow this story as more information becomes available. If you have any information you would like the Collegian to know that may be helpful for this story, reach out to mnmille1@butler.edu or collegian@butler.edu. 


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