Butler vs. Purdue: Social media rundown

Sophomore Joey Brunk looks to pass the ball against Purdue in the Crossroads Classic. Butler lost just its second game in the history of the Crossroads Classic. Photo by Jimmy Lafakis.

ZACH HORRALL | DIGITAL EDITOR | zhorrall@butler.edu

The Crossroads Classic was not the game Butler fans were hoping it would be. The beat down resulted in a lot of tweets filled with sadness. Check out the best Boilermaker-loss induced tweets from Butler fans.


The magic conch shell has spoken.


@Butler: “You miss 100% of the shots you take. – Wayne Gretzky” – Michael Scott


I like it better when you tweet “The Butler Way.”


Fun is not the right word, John.


Ironically, Butler had about the same percentage as my finals.


There was nothing pretty about that.


No. There wasn’t a way.


That guy threw us for a loop today.


Exhibit A:


Honestly, same.



Didn’t work.


But at least it wasn’t D-III level….right?


So are we, sad fan.


Yeah kinda.


You could say that.


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