Electronic prayers bring support to Butler community

“BUprays” is a nondenominational listserv for students, faculty and staff at Butler designed to provide a safe and anonymous way to share in faith and prayers, regardless of religion.
A Butler University staff member had the idea to create the listerv after a year-long workshop through the Center for Faith and Vocation. At the event, faculty and staff came together to talk about the intersection of religion and spirituality.
The creator has asked to remain anonymous to coincide with the confidentiality the listerv upholds.
“I would want students to know their identity is going to be very protected, and it would just be a chance to know they’re being prayed for, that someone cares, that someone wants to help them,” the creator said.
The Rev. Charles Allen is the campus chaplain for Grace Unlimited, the prayer network’s sponsor and partner.
Allen said the listerv is not intrusive and thinks it is very important to protect user privacy.
“To me, it’s just to be aware that things are happening and to keep people in mind,” Allen said.
Allen said the listerv is for people who want to be on it, and it is not intrusive to those who do not want to be included.
Judy Cebula, director of the Center for Faith and Vocation, said even for students who aren’t interested in the prayer part, the listerv is a way to understand that other people have suffering too.
“It’s a safe place where people can bring their cares, their concerns, their joys, their sadness, grief or worries,” Cebula said.
Cebula said she thinks certain students will find it meaningful.
“Being a college student can be a very challenging, emotional time, and so if you’re someone who believes that prayer can bring comfort or a sense of support or well-being, then it’s nice to know that you can ask others to pray for you and with you,” Cebula said.
Students can sign up for the listerv by emailing BUprays@butler.edu and asking to be added.