Butler vs. Purdue: Social media roundup

The Bulldogs huddle on the court during Butler’s loss to Purdue. Butler lost 76-73 in Detroit. Photo by Jimmy Lafakis.

ZACH HORRALL | DIGITAL EDITOR | zhorrall@butler.edu

And just like that, Butler’s season comes to a close. The Bulldogs dropped a close game to Purdue, their second loss to the Boilermakers this season. Fans had hope of a Sweet 16 bid late in the game, but #HaarmsHair proved too tough to overcome.

Oh wait…Kelan is done ?


And Tyler, too…


Oh man…


Thanks for the ride, boys.


And Purdue thinks they were down a guy…




I’m not crying you’re crying…


Kamar looked like Gordon Hayward at the end…


What a season.


What a game though


This feeling is the worst.


All in favor say “Aye”


We all do!


How do you know you’re watching a Butler game?




We PLAYED in that game.


Oh #HaarmsHair


Not us.


Was the hair too much for us?


Haarms might have his hair, but we have Trip. So who really wins?