SGA approves new Independent Council


Sophomores Julia Mansfield and Samantha Lilly reconstructed the Independent Council on campus this year.

Forty percent of Butler students are affiliated with Greek houses, leaving 60 percent independent, a term given to those who are not part of Greek life, including freshmen.

The Student Government Association approved the council on Sept. 11. 

Anne Flaherty, dean of student life, advises the Independent Council.

“Last year, I realized Greek life wasn’t for me,” co-president Mansfield said. “Being independent, though, you aren’t really connected with other independents, so we wanted to bring them together. We saw a need for something, and now we are supplying it.”

The Independent Council strives to bring together independent students.

“Spring Sports (Spectacular) last year opened our eyes to the vast amount of people on this campus that we didn’t know,” co-president Lilly said. “We showed up to play volleyball and met an entire team of girls we had never had an opportunity to meet before Spring Sports. Realizing that just this one event could bring people together, we wondered how much of the campus was actually independent.”            

In order for the Independent Council to be successful, they need student participation. Fifty students signed up during Involvement Week. 

“We need publicity, we need financing, but, most of all, we need participation of independents wanting to get involved,” Lilly said. “It is one thing to say I’m interested, but it is another to actually show up and get involved.”

The Independent Council plans to host a variety of events for students to participate in throughout the year.