B-lot parking problems resolved

MIRANDA MARITATO | Staff Reporter IMG_0012

Butler University Police Department organized a waitlist for B parking permits to accommodate students.

Students who were seeking B permits after they had been sold out were able to sign up on the waitlist.

Students who have changed housing arrangements, graduated, or left to study abroad gave back their B parking passes.

This fall an additional 500 spaces were added on campus. This included 125 more faculty spaces, 400 I Lot spaces, and 38 newly designated on-street parking spaces along 52nd Street for residents of the Apartment Village.

The number of residential spaces, B parking, decreased to allow more parking for evening and weekend events. Assistant Police Chief of Operations Bill Weber said parking has been redesigned to accommodate students.

Freshman and Ross Hall resident Julia Mansfield has two jobs, which require her to use her car regularly. Prior to the waitlist, Mansfield would only be able to purchase an I Lot permit.

“I was pretty upset about it,” Mansfield said. “I’m already late as it is and the 15 minute walk over the canal wasn’t doing me any favors.”

Mansfield was put on the waitlist on Feb. 10.

“They originally told me it could take a few weeks so I didn’t get my hopes up,” Mansfield said. “But the next day I got a call saying I could come and get a B permit.”

In previous years, BUPD received grief for selling more parking permits than spaces, Weber said. BUPD looked at the numbers and shifted the lots accordingly.

“This ResCo lot is prime parking,” Weber said. “We’ll still have parking for them; it will just be further to the west towards Schwitzer Hall and Alpha Phi. That’s where we’ll move spots and take spots from faculty and staff and flip-flop them.”

After winter break, students were given an $80 credit for their B permit. These permits were sold for a reduced price to those students on the waitlist.  Every student on the waitlist received a permit.

“Students, faculty, staff, commuters, everyone complains about no parking,” Weber said. “There is parking, just not where they want it. I get that, people want to park closer. We’ll see what the university does for construction next year. If a new residence hall is built, what that will do for parking next year and where freshman can park. These are all decisions above my head.”