Ground Crews, BUPD Busy with Snow and Ice

Ryan Lovelace | Managing Editor


Butler University has used more than 140,000 pounds of ice melt and salt this winter.

Jerry Carlson, director of maintenance services, said while this is the first year where Butler has tracked its ice melt and salt use, it definitively surpasses last year’s usage.

“We’ve used a lot more ice melt and salt this year because it got colder earlier and we’ve had more snow,” Carlson said. “So in just a little over a month, we’ve exceeded what we did all last winter.”

The ice melt Butler uses works until the temperature reaches 16 degrees below zero. Such arctic temperatures have already hit Butler’s roads and left them dotted with potholes.

These potholes cannot be repaired until the temperature warms up, which may come as early as next week. When the roads can be fixed, the Indianapolis Department of Public Works has jurisdiction for streets around campus, while Butler’s grounds department handles streets and walkways on Butler’s campus.

Some snow was moved into parking spots where students, faculty or staff intended to park.

“This past week we did no ticketing on campus because we knew you’ve got to put the snow somewhere,” Assistant Police Chief Bill Weber said. “And, you know, you lose parking when snow takes up space. I get that.”

Despite last week’s harsh weather and travel conditions, the Butler University Police Department registered just two car accidents on campus, both near Hinkle Fieldhouse.

Weber said BUPD continued to ticket Butler vehicles improperly parked in the surrounding neighborhood. Weber added he would have to wait and see how the snow melts in order to determine what sort of leniency may be provided.