Flaherty Fills the Void

Miranda Maritato | Staff Reporter


Butler University has filled the Dean of Student Life position after a semester vacancy.

Butler welcomed Anne G. Flaherty as the new Dean of Student Life on Jan. 8. The application process began in late spring of 2013 after former dean Irene Stevens’ retirement, but the search was postponed until fall of 2013.

The selection committee included representatives from different parts of the Butler community. Dean of Student Services Sally Click and Vice President for Student Affairs Levester Johnson were both involved with the selection process.

Both Johnson and Click also helped determine and deal with matters that would fall under the Dean of Student Life’s jurisdiction before the position was filled.

“We realized how much Irene did,” Click said. “We all know what the job description says, we know who reports to who according to the organizational chart. But there were so many things after 15 years that she was here that she did that people didn’t know about.”

Click said members of the Office of Student Affairs worked together to handle the responsibilities of the open position.

“In a lot of ways, there were some funny moments like, ‘Oh, that’s right, somebody’s got to do that,’” Click said “It also gave us that opportunity to say, ‘Do we really need to do that?’ When you have a lot of priorities, you have to decide what is important. Everyone stepped up.”

Flaherty’s extensive background in student affairs made her stand out from other applicants, Johnson said.

With 18 years of student affairs experience, Flaherty served as assistant dean for medical student affairs at the Indiana University School of Medicine, as well as assistant dean of students and registrar at the University of Kansas Medical Center. She also served at Park University in Missouri as the director of residence life.

“The scope of influence and responsibilities that she has had reach from serving undergraduate students to professional studies,” Johnson said. “She has worked with everything from what would be considered typical and standard student affairs to those that represent the academic services. I’ve had people tell me that she is somebody I need to pick up. That speaks volumes.”

Flaherty has been an Indiana resident for a year and a half.

“Ever since living here, I’ve heard a lot of great things about Butler,” Flaherty said. “I love what the experience of Butler offers students. I really value the experience I can have here and I really think being the student affairs person I am, that it really provokes the kind of environment I love for every college student to have.”

Outside of her new position at Butler, Flaherty’s husband and three sons keep her busy. Flaherty also enjoys fitness classes and exploring the city of Indianapolis.

During her college days, Flaherty was president of her residence hall and later went on to be a residence assistant. She was also in a psychology fraternity.

Flaherty said she is looking forward to being a part of the Butler community and getting to know students.  She is also looking forward to participating in Butler traditions.

“I have an open door policy,” Flaharty said. “If students would like to come by and introduce themselves feel free to stop by.”