Programs help students explore possibilities

Tables lined the Reilly Room Tuesday for the Majors Fair, where faculty represented all different majors and were available as students came in for information.

“I think we had wonderful support from the faculty and the departments,” said Jennifer Griggs, Learning Resource Center director.

Griggs said the Majors Fair was geared toward everybody and is a convenient way for anyone who wants to gather information about majors, minors and how they can be mixed and matched.

“You can always read on people’s websites, but I think it helps to really see and talk with someone in that department,” Griggs said.

The fair is just one resource for  exploratory students or students interested in switching their majors. There are other Butler University resources these students can use.

The Learning Resource Center is home to Butler’s exploratory studies program. Griggs said the program helps students make an informed decision and supports them through that decision-making process.

Students in the program are encouraged to take the exploratory studies class. This year, 102 students are enrolled.

Kim Jantiz, a freshman in the program, said her adviser found out what she was interested in and laid out different introductory courses for her.

Jantiz said she knew she wanted to minor in business but did not know if she wanted to make it her major. Her adviser put her in the freshman business experience course to get a better sense of what she wants to do.

The exploratory studies program also directs students to other offices to help in the decision-making process. One of these offices is Internship and Career Services.

Liz Freedman, coordinator of on-campus employment, said Internship and Career Services offers students assessments, online resources and one-on-one meetings with advisers.

“Our focus is obviously mostly on the career aspect of it, which ties into major really strongly,” Freedman said.

Another question that arises with the topic of exploratory students are those who come to Butler for a specific program but then decide that program is not what they want to do.

Junior Caroline Kirkwood switched her major from pharmacy to strategic communications.

Kirkwood said the only reason she was at Butler was for pharmacy, but now she is happy.

“There is no place I would rather be,” Kirkwood said. “Butler is the only place that I would want to go to school. This is where all my friends are and is the most fun place ever.”

No matter if students are exploratory, thinking of switching majors or just interested in finding out more information, the Majors Fair gave all students the opportunity to explore different options at Butler


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