IT looks to promote mobile BU website

Through a recent flurry of strategic sidewalk graffiti, a relatively unknown online tool has come to light: Butler’s mobile website.

Through the domain, students can access a website specifically designed for their mobile devices.

Using the site, students can track the Student Government Association shuttle, check what’s for lunch at Atherton or click an “events” tab to see what’s happening on campus.

The mobile website has been active for more than a year but has only received 5,000 hits, said David Alder, a senior web systems analyst.

Because of its low views, the Information Technology department decided to take advertising into its own hands.

“We were sitting in a meeting, and I thought, ‘Why not advertise the way students do?’” Alder said.

There are other reasons IT is advertising its mobile site.

“We wanted to let people know we’re on top of it,” Alder said. “We’re trying to provide a solution that is usable and that’s relatively easy for us to do.”

SGA President-elect Mike Keller, whose platform was built partly around the promotion of a Butler app, said he approves of the steps IT is taking to get students connected.

“It’s a great first step, and it’s a lot easier to use than the actual Butler website on my phone,” Keller said.

Keller said he would like to see the site include an SGA calendar to help students know what’s happening on campus over the weekends.

For students who desire an actual Butler app, the future is uncertain.

“We are very anxious to get on the bandwagon of mobile apps,” Alder said. “I don’t want to commit to a timeframe, but I would say we are going to be doing continual research and investigation into a product very soon. When an app will be released—I do not know.”