LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Students should use their options to improve campus dining

In light of recent Collegian articles pertaining to the Butler University food services, I felt it relevant to raise awareness for our campus food committee.

The Butler Cuisine Bureau, a subcommittee for the Council on Presidential Affairs, is comprised of ten students.

This committee exists to serve the student body in addressing any issues pertaining to food and to propose future changes to menus, dining locations, meal plans, etc.

If students have a complaint, concern or suggestion, please utilize the Butler Cuisine Bureau as a way to bring about positive change for our campus dining program.

The committee may be reached by contacting the CPA student affairs coordinator Anna Rouche (arouche@butler.edu), or the Butler Cuisine Bureau chair Kyle Frantz (kfrantz@butler.edu).

In addition to the Butler Cuisine Bureau, there are also many other ways students may have input into the dining program.

These include:

Emailing food@butler.edu with ideas, comments, critiques, and/or compliments.

Filling out comment cards which are located in each facility— fill one out and you’ll get a reply.

Completing the dining survey, administered every semester, by going to www.college-survey.com/butler.  Enter for a chance to win great rewards too.

Sharing concerns/ideas directly with a manager.

Other opportunities of note:  Ed Campbell, Atherton manager, is available to consult with students with special dietary needs/restrictions.

This year, a new grab-and-go container option is available in Residential College during lunches to assist those who may have limited time at lunch.

-Kyle Frantz, junior


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