CPA focuses on solutions to increase on-campus jobs

For many Butler University students, finding an on-campus job is harder than finding a needle in a haystack.

“Jobs fill up very quickly,” Liz Freedman, student employment coordinator, said. “Finding an on-campus job is like finding a real-world job.”

About 1,000 students are working an on-campus job, and as students’ schedules become busier, there is less time for having a job either on or off campus.

“To relieve this stress, we are working with trying to lengthen hours at the HRC and the library to allow for more student workers,” Council on Presidential Affairs member Ashley Torres said.

Freedman said that the number of loans and the lack of having a car on campus are the top reasons that students need on-campus jobs.

Because the demand for jobs is so high, there are students working in every department on campus.

Some supervisors do not post jobs on the Butler Links U To Employers database, so Freedman would like to remind students that the best way to find a job would be through networking.

“Get in touch with staff and faculty and don’t always rely on B.L.U.E.,” she said.

As CPA works on the expansion of student jobs, Freedman said she would be interested in working with them, but she wouldn’t be the deciding factor on the issue.

Torres said CPA is very excited about the new ideas.

“The Council for Presidential Affairs has a lot of great ideas we are working with for Butler students,” Torres said.  “Be prepared for a lot of these to start showing up in the next few weeks.”


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