SGA seeking ’12 VP and ’13 treasurer to run in upcoming elections

SGA was a mix of election updates and new initiatives this week.

Representatives were asked to provide questions for the class officer and SGA presidential debates. The deadlines have mostly passed for students to run for office, but a vice presidential candidate for the class of 2012 and a candidate for treasurer of the class of 2013 are still needed.

A video was shown promoting the SGA Green Movement, which began phase one last week. The goal of the campaign is to encourage students to develop eco-friendly habits and influence how they treat the environment.

The first phase focuses on raising awareness and distributing information, while phase two includes more tangible aspects like installing more recycling bins and eco-friendly drinking fountains. SGA has teamed up with ECO to promote the campaign.

Aramark released a survey of its dining options and facilities that showed at least small improvement in all areas except for “provides a comfortable and fun dining atmosphere.” The survey reported student opinions on hours, food quality and price, staff and atmosphere from fall 2009 to fall 2010.

There was one new organization presentation by B.U.R.N, which stands for Butler University Resale Network. The group hopes to collect dorm furniture at the end of the semester and sell it to benefit a charity.

There were no grants awarded, but the regular grant schedule should resume next week.