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Creativity Creates Community: The Butler Community Arts School

WRITTEN BY MALLORY DUNCAN, ARTS, ETC. ASSISTANT EDITOR The Butler Community Arts School exudes a certain glow. It originates from a child radiant from the joy of learning and understanding. But it also comes from a teacher’s glowing pride as his or her pupil grasps a concept for the first time. Butler University students can

JCA ensemble plays new student music

WRITTEN BY HANNAH HARTZELL, STAFF REPORTER The Jordan College of the Arts Composers’ Orchestra is not a typical orchestra.  It plays strictly new music and brings unique and envelope-pushing music to the stage.  The group will showcase this unique focus at its first concert of the year Oct. 10. According to Michael Schelle, JCACO founder

Elizabeth Mix to direct Art and Design program

WRITTEN BY MARIA LEICHTY, STAFF REPORTER Elizabeth Mix has been named director of the Art and Design program after helping build it from the bottom up. The art program today has changed vastly from  what it was a decade ago. It started as a visual arts minor in the Media Arts program, which used to

From revolution to fairy tales: the dean’s expectations for 2013-2014

The Butler Collegian: What changes, big or small, should art students expect this year from JCA? Caltabiano: One thing is that I have asked for more contact with students. I’ve asked for meetings with students from each program in both semesters. Mostly, the contact I get now is from going to performances, and you really

Retired professor Wayne C. Wentzel donates money for new lecture series

While the Butler University ArtsFest geared up this year, with ensembles from across the city preparing for performances, a new lecture series crept onto campus under the radar. The Wayne C. Wentzel Lecture Series will bring one professional musicologist to campus each year to discuss his or her work in the field and to dialogue

JCA starts alumni community

With seniors getting ready to graduate, a fear exists that they will lose their connection to Butler University. In order to link the Jordan College of the Arts alumni to Butler, JCA created its first alumni community. Instead of designating an alumni group by geographic location or by year of graduation, the JCA alumni club

REVOLUTION! Long in the making, first annual ArtsFest set to open

The theme of revolution will be at the forefront of various artistic performances and displays in the first Butler University ArtsFest. ArtsFest will feature more than 40 performances and other events between April 18-28. This is the first ArtsFest, which is to become an annual event. It will be used, in part, to honor the

Forecast: Flurry of student recitals over next month

Perhaps contrary to popular belief, the Jordan College of the Arts’ main musical output is not sweeping symphonies, rousing overtures for winds or even faculty recitals. Student recitals make up the largest percentage of the musical performances offered on campus. Upwards of 50 are scheduled for this semester alone. These performances, interestingly, are often overlooked

Director of US Marine Band to join music faculty in 2014

The next director of bands at Butler University will be Colonel Michael J. Colburn, currently the director of “The President’s Own” United States Marine Band. Administrators and faculty in the school of music announced the decision to members of the wind ensemble late last semester, but Colburn asked that no official announcements be made until

Creativity shines in composer’s concert

Students have a chance to see Butler University’s student composers perform their own pieces this Thursday. The Jordan College of the Arts Composer’s Orchestra presents a concert about once a month, and over fifty percent of the music is composed by the students. Brice Johnson, a graduate composer who plays in the orchestra, said being