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Faculty Senate approves counsel search

A six-person committee is preparing to hire Butler University’s first in-house legal counsel. Over the past six years, the university spent $2.4 million dollars on outside legal counsel, said  Ben Hunter, chief of staff. Hunter currently manages Butler’s outside legal contracts at Butler, and he recently completed a study to see if having an in-house

Danko calls for gun safety

Butler University President Jim Danko signed an open letter along with other university presidents to policy leaders that calls for discussion about gun safety. The letter can be found at collegepresidentsforgunsafety.org and boasts more than 300 other college and university presidents’ signatures. “We are college and university presidents,” the open letter reads. “We are parents.

BUPD reacts to possible gun laws

In the months following the Sandy Hook shootings, lawmakers have been looking for effective security measures to employ at campuses around the country. A bill proposed to the Indiana General Assembly would allow college students to carry concealed weapons. While the bill would not affect Butler because it is a private institution, the bill still

Neighbors provide input

Traffic concerns are at the top of the list for some Butler-Tarkington residents when it comes to the construction of a possible parking facility. Butler University officials presented a proposal for the facility to the neighborhood association on Monday evening. Ben Hunter, chief of staff, and Rich Michal, executive director of facilities, introduced the preliminary

OPINION | BUPD acted correctly in chase

Butler University students took to social media Sunday—about a camel. During the hunt for an armed man on and around campus, students received a message from Butler University Police Department stating the suspect was seen running “towrad the camel.” I could handle a few misspellings as long as they meant I was staying informed. BUPD

Trustees watch over university

It consists of 28 individuals from all walks of life. Many of them graduated from Butler University, although some received an education elsewhere. Some of its members graduated in the 1950s, some in the 1990s. It includes men and women who majored in everything from accounting to zoology. This is the Butler Board of Trustees.

University funds: Danko aims to grow resources

Butler University’s endowment totaled $150 million as of August 2012, but President Jim Danko’s strategic vision wants to increase it to $750 million by 2025. In order to achieve this goal, Butler’s endowment would need to grow by more than $4 million per month, on average, from September 2012 to 2025. During Butler’s last fiscal

Committee to consider parking garage

Butler University’s Board of Trustees endorsed the recommendation of the trustee facilities committee to work with Keystone Group to develop a plan for a mixed-use parking garage on campus. Butler’s facilities committee will work with the Keystone Group to develop a facility that could add 300 beds and 1,000 parking spots to campus behind the