Student summer recap

Butler students spend their summer traveling, completing internships, taking courses and more. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.


Briana Sanchez, junior, marketing and economics double major

Sanchez went abroad to visit family, traveling to Austria, Prague, the Czech Republic and Poland.

“My favorite experience was our side trip to Auschwitz/Birkenau during our time in Krakow,” Sanchez said in a text message. “Seeing the concentration camps in person and hearing the history of those camps was eye opening and unforgettable.”

Tory Combs, junior, political science and history double major

Combs traveled to Amsterdam as a part of the inaugural Urban Studies Lab: Amsterdam course led by professor Ageeth Sluis of the history department.

“It was surreal to be standing in the places where these pivotal moments in history actually happened,” Combs said in a text message. “Overall, the course was truly unforgettable, and I miss the stroopwafels.”

Robert Kreloff, junior, finance major

Kreloff spent his summer completing a private equity and real estate internship in Shanghai, China. 

My favorite experience was going to the national tea museum and the West Lake in Hangzhou,” Kreloff said in a text message. “I absolutely loved learning about another culture and getting to really experience everything for myself.”

Hailey Hammons, senior, human communication and organizational leadership major 

Hammons was a marine mammal intern this summer at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Florida.

“My favorite part of my internship was learning how trainers take care of these wonderful animals while also educating guests on the importance and safety of animal interactions out in the wild.” Hammons said in a text message. 


Reyna Carrillo, sophomore, dance arts administration and psychology double major

Carrillo attended the Bolshoi Ballet intensive in New York City, where she was awarded the ‘Training and Performing Scholarship’ at the end of the six weeks. This scholarship will allow Carrillo to travel to Moscow for further training, as well as the opportunity to perform in a gala performance. 

“I was happy to be dancing at a place where I felt confident in working on my weaknesses,” Carrillo said in a text message. “I am grateful to my mentors throughout my first year at Butler Ballet for preparing me to succeed in my field.”


Nadia Issa, sophomore, economics and finance double major

Issa joined millions of others in the religious pilgrimage to Mecca, called the Hajj. 

“This journey stripes people of all materialistic objects and equalizes them, showing us what truly matters in life,” Issa said in a text message. “I’m just so blessed to have been able to witness and feel all that I have felt during my religious pilgrimage.”

Cody Maggiore, junior, dance pedagogy major 

Maggiore spent his summer training at the American Ballet Theatre in New York City, where he was awarded a full scholarship to stay five weeks longer than he intended. 

“I changed my flight the next day and spent all of July taking classes, seeing performances and exploring the city,” Maggiore said in a text message. “As cliché as it sounds it changed my life and I am so lucky that it all turned out the way it did.”



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