Bulldogs of Butler: author Skyler Walker

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Natalie Kinney | Reporter | nkinney@butler.edu

Bulldogs of Butler: Skyler Walker

skyler Photo Courtesy of Walker’s Facebook

Name: Skyler Walker

Grade: Junior

Major: Pharmacy major

Side Talent: Author

The Butler Collegian: Tell me about your novel.

Skyler Walker: It’s called “The Next Play.” The title was the hardest part to come up with. I started [it] in my PCA class of my freshman year. We had to write in these journals and instead of short stories, I asked if I could start writing a novel. It had always been on my bucket list, but I thought I’d do it way in the future. But I saw this opportunity to start writing about it, and found out I really liked it. And other people really liked it too.

imgres Photo of Walker with her self-published book Courtesy of her Facebook

TBC: Can you take me through the publishing process?

SW: I finished it this past summer and published in July 1st. I self-published it and went through Create Space. I designed the cover and did all the editing and formatting myself.

TBC: What made you want to self-publish?

SW: I really like the editing process, so that wasn’t a struggle for me. The hardest part is when you self-publish, the marketing is on you. It’s hard to get picked up when you self-publish because there’s no publishing team. For me, self-publishing is free and I’m a broke college student. I didn’t need someone to find value in it when I thought it was valuable.

41wddtroo0l-_sx331_bo1204203200_  Photo of Walker’s novel Courtesy of her Facebook

TBC: Could you describe a little bit of what your book is about?

SW: I’m always bad at the summary part. “The Next Play” delves into the emotions and consequences of making choices and self-discovery. Megan and Evan go their separate ways and find that life isn’t always what they expected it would be. When an accident reunites them, they are forced to re-explore the past and risk the future for a chance at true love and happiness.

TBC: What inspired you to write this book?

SW: Sports were always a huge part of my life, and I’ve always been told to write about what you know. And I’ve been wanting to be a doctor or pharmacist and I’m an avid reader. I wanted to write a story that’s ultimately about love, but it isn’t the main focus. It’s more about the friends you meet and people you meet along the way that help you find your way in life.

TBC: Have you considered changing your major to English instead? Why pharmacy if you’ve already written and published an entire novel?

SW: It’s something I do for fun. I realized being a best-selling author is a pipe dream. But I want to go into a pharmaceutical writing instead.

TBC:  How did your love for reading play into your writing?

SW: I get really lost in books and attached to the characters. When I was writing, the characters became real to me, and I still refer to them sometimes. It was the chance to get lost in this world that I was creating, and I felt a part of it.