Bulldogs of Butler: Fashion Week Edition

Photo courtesy of pexels.com

NATALIE KINNEY | STAFF REPORTER | nkinney@butler.edu

This is the latest installment of our Bulldog of Butler series, which is a short interview with someone to get to know more about them. We hope to highlight more and more people on this campus. Search Bulldogs of Butler to read more stories about your fellow Dawgs.

When passing by first-year Glenn Williams on campus, it may strike you how daring and bold he comes across. You might notice how cool of a vibe he gives off while donning his denim cutoffs and short-sleeve yellow button down or wonder how anyone but him could pull off a Looney Tunes baseball cap straight out of 1992.

Glenn Williams

From: Born in Miami, lives in Washington D.C.

Year: First Year

Major: Arts Administration with an emphasis on theatre

In honor of New York Fashion Week coming to an end, this week the Butler Collegian decided to take a deeper look into some of our most stylish Dawgs on campus.


Photo by Natalie Kinney

Q & A with Glenn Williams

The Butler Collegian: Where do you shop?

Glenn Williams: I kind of shop everywhere. From Goodwill, to H&M and Forever 21, I like to shop anywhere and everywhere.

TBC: Coming from such an urban place like D.C. where people are not as conservative as they are here, what makes you dress in such a vibrant and daring way?

GW: I went to high school in Kentucky for a little bit, so I’ve kind of gained confidence from that. Even now, I walk around campus and I can tell people are staring at me. But I like what I’m wearing, and for me that is what’s important. It’s not important to make a statement, it’s more important for me to feel like I have my own definition of what looks good.

TBC: Can you see yourself doing anything within the fashion world?

GW: I love sewing so much. I don’t know if I really have a place in the fashion world. I’m not really a big fan of cohesion, I don’t know if you could tell. [He laughs; today he’s wearing a wide brimmed army green felt hat and carries a dramatically large brown leather clutch holding all of his school books.] I’m not too good at following patterns. I’ll just make a shirt and the sleeves might be a different color or they might be shaped differently. But I’m definitely interested because I love sewing.

TBC: You mentioned this earlier; what are people’s general reactions when they see you?

GW: Especially here, a lot of people don’t want to make me feel uncomfortable but they’ll give me a side eye or they’ll stare at me for a long time and I think they’re trying to figure me out. I think it’s harder for them than it is on me because they don’t know how to feel. A lot of the things I do they haven’t seen around here. But it’s how a lot of people dress all over [the country] but it’s just new to people here.

TBC: Who is your style inspiration?

GW: I like what people wear. [People] like Rihanna and Lady Gaga but it’s not really translatable into everyday clothes. So, I take ideas and shapes from them but I don’t necessarily dress like them.

TBC: What inspires your fashion statements?

GW: A lot of it comes from how I feel. Once I finally started picking out my own outfits it changed. Once I started shopping for myself it changed even more. I’m a person and I like masculine and feminine things and I like mixing them together. I like playing on that.