OPINION | Buckling down now will pay off in long run

With the semester coming to a close and the weather turning nice, it is easy to procrastinate and blow off assignments. But down the road it will be worth staying focused now.
It’s not about how you start, it is about how you finish. The months of school may have seemed endless, but many classes have a majority of their points still to be earned in the last week or so of the year. Now is the time to focus.
With now being the most important time in the school year, there are many ways to trick yourself into studying.
One of the biggest distractions for students is the Internet. Facebook, Twitter and random web searches are some of the best time killers for college students.
Cell phones are also good instruments of distraction. Texting and calling friends are easy ways to get distracted.
Turning off the phone and closing the computer when it is not needed can help keep one on task. This will take away the temptation to check them constantly.
Studying in solitude is another great way not to get distracted by friends.    Some students decide to break up the work into smaller chunks.
“I take short breaks throughout studying, drink coffee and listen to music so I do not get distracted by others,” junior Michelle Miller said.
Planning ahead and prioritizing work also lead to students being as efficient as possible.
“I write down lists of things I need to accomplish,” junior Sarah Jacobsma said. “I start with the more difficult things and the things that take the longest and end with the easier, shorter assignments.”
Students should remember that this is the most important part of the semester and staying focused on studies will pay off in the long run.