HRC brings board game to life

Butler’s Health and Recreation Complex has been sporting a new water-bound game called Battleship.

The game has been played at Spring Sports, Late Night at the HRC and during Family Weekend.

The objective of Battleship is simple­: sink or tip the opponent’s canoe.

Four teams play at once in a round.

The teams are not allowed to bail water or touch other teams’ canoes.

Each team, consisting of three or four members, receives a shield, bucket and a water gun to try to outlast the other opponents.

Sophomores Eric Medrano, Joe Kahles and Sean Meaden won Battleship during Late Night at the HRC. Their prize consisted of bragging rights and being the first team to sign the “Battle Boats Paddle.”

“We used the strategy of synchronization and teamwork to coordinate everyone in the heat of battle, especially knowing the strength of each player and determining what position they would be best at,” Medrano said.

“One of our teammates is a farmer and has been bucketing compost all his life. (Kahles) is one of the best bucketters and one of the main reasons we won.”

Freshman Ben McSwain was able to experience this game for the first time during this year’s Family Weekend because his sisters really wanted to try it.

“Everyone was pretty competitive, and teams even formed alliances,” McSwain said. “I teamed up with Madeline Schmitz’s team in the championship round, and we got second place to her team.
“Overall, it was an awesome experience, and I would recommend it to others.”

The game is exciting and action-packed, but that is not the only reason Meaden enjoyed playing Battleship.

“Not only is it an opportunity to battle for your canoe-sinking dominance, but it becomes an opportunity to meet new people from all over campus that you might not have met before,” Meaden said.  “I really enjoy going and letting off tension from studying and working all the time with my friends.”


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