Dawg Pound makes deal

The Dawg Pound will be wearing special T-shirts for the men’s basketball game on Feb. 14 after striking a deal with an on-campus business.

Members of the Dawg Pound will be given shirts supporting the fight against cancer for the men’s basketball game against Loyola of Chicago.

The shirts will be purple and read “Dawg Pound Dunks on Cancer.”

According to junior Myke Van De Voort, vice president of the Dawg Pound, the group purchased 250 shirts, meaning approximately $1,000 went toward cancer research.

“With both basketball teams having games during Relay for Life Week, we thought it would be good for the Dawg Pound to get behind this,” Van De Voort said.

Van De Voort said men’s basketball coach Brad Stevens’ works with the charity Coaches vs. Cancer and women’s basketball coach Beth Couture’s experience with cancer also made the decision an easy one.

The agreement was with an all-sophomore business group, Excessive Pride.

Excessive Pride is part of the Real Business Experience program in Butler’s College of Business.

“Excessive Pride did the best quality work of all on-campus businesses [that wanted to supply T-shirts],” Van De Voort said.

This is the group’s second undertaking on campus following the distribution of koozies last semester.

“I thought this deal was neat, especially during basketball season,” John Monroe, a member of Excessive Pride, said.

Monroe said the Dawg Pound’s “large shipment of T-shirts” will benefit both the fight against cancer and the university.

“I’m excited for [the Dawg Pound] and us because it’s for a good cause,” Monroe said.


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