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Necessary components

WRITTEN BY BRITTANY GARRETT, STAFF REPORTER Senior Kaylin Beckwith is combining her passions to make a difference in the lives of children, one piece of artwork at a time. Beckwith’s senior honors thesis project, “Improving Mood in Grieving Children: An Analysis of Necessary Components,” takes her love for art and mixes it with psychology to

Gautam Rao unveils “Unblocked”

WRITTEN BY BRITTANY GARRETT, STAFF REPORTER Butler University professor and artist Gautam Rao had garnered attention for some of his works in the form of a weeks-long show. Rao premiered his series of paintings, “Unblocked,” Friday at the Arts Council of Indianapolis’ Gallery 924. Gallery 924 will show “Unblocked” from Sept. 6-27. Rao’s previous works

New sculpture draws on the community, and vice versa

A 17-by-19-foot, more than 3,000-pound whale-like sculpture with 7,000 answers to the question “What have you discovered?” now stands in the ArtsPark at the Indianapolis Art Center. The piece, called “Crescendo,” was commissioned by the center as a community initiative. The IAC brought in artist Beth Nybeck from Kansas City earlier this month through a