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“A glorious adventure awaits”

MALLORY DUNCAN, Arts, Etc. Asst. Editor Stefan LeBlanc enters a world every day that not many people can: the science fiction/fantasy world. Having already authored three books, his most recent work, “Diamond Duster,” has been featured on iTunes in the front page of the action and adventure section since last week. LeBlanc, a fifth-year senior,

Sophomore Creates sci-fi world: “Dungeon Crawlers” book series combines LeBlanc’s many interests

To have a book published while still in college is quite an accomplishment. Sophomore biology major Stefan LeBlanc has already published two and he plans to publish more. LeBlanc is the author of the recently published “Dungeon Crawlers,” Episodes One and Two, the first installments of what he hopes will be a continuing series. “Writing,