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OPINION | Students should appreciate how far Atherton has come

A group of students recently decided to protest Aramark’s food quality by boycotting all the campus dining halls. Although the frustrations are understandable, students should be more patient and appreciate the changes made at the Atherton Union Marketplace. The dining hall has come a long way in the last year. Students fail to remember the

OPINION | Protest Aramark for the right reasons

Aramark Corporation caters not just to Butler University, but also to a vast network of other universities, sports stadiums and prisons. Butler’s students need to do their homework on this company and consider advocating for a change in its policies. According to Fortune Magazine’s website, the company was recognized as “One of the World’s Most

STAFF EDITORIAL | Dietician a step in the right direction

Butler University recently added dietician Brooke Pearson to its staff. Pearson has already organized presentations about health, talked with Aramark managers and plans to work with student organizations, including Peers Advocating Wellness for Students. Members of the Butler community, with Aramark’s help, should build off these opportunities and continue taking steps toward healthier lifestyles. Along

Aramark contract limits food options

Butler University’s long-standing relationship with Aramark limits what students eat and when they can eat. Aramark began providing food service at Butler in 1998, and outside vendors have had little opportunity to make inroads on campus since then. When Jimmy John’s passed out free sandwiches on campus earlier this semester and the local food trucks

New meal plan could take effect next year

Butler students may be seeing a change next school year based on student feedback about meal plans and dining services. A proposed meal plan would allow for unlimited entry into the residential dining halls during the meal blocks. There would be no restriction on the number of swipes during the meal block. The meal exchange

OPINION | Atherton renovation beautified dining hall but missed substantial food concerns

During winter break, The Market Place at Atherton Union went under renovation. The new setup opens up the room more, gives students more beverage options and provides more booth space that breaks up the daily battle between the hard seat and your behind. Many students believed that the facelift was much needed. The  improvement turned

Atherton to receive upgrade this winter

The Market Place at Atherton Union will receive some gifts during winter break from dining services, including a fireplace, banquette seating and fresher food options. The $500,000 renovation to Atherton has been in the works since 2008, said Stacey Puck, director of dining services, and it may be only one part of a two- or

Burst pipe shuts down dining facilities

A burst pipe on the northeast side of Jordan Hall dampened the daily routine for some faculty, staff and students last Thursday. Interim Vice President for Operations Gerald Carlson said workers struck a fire hydrant Nov. 10 while using a lift to hang banners for last weekend’s presidential inauguration. The fire hydrant ruptured a water

Qdoba added to list accepting Dawg Bucks

Early last week, Qdoba became a partner with Butler University’s  Dawg Bucks program, joining Papa John’s as an off-campus dining option. Last spring student affairs, Aramark and the Council on Presidential Affairs started working together to add off-campus dining options for students. Vice President for Student Affairs Levester Johnson said that this idea was the

C-Club needs to improve health standards since Butler enforces solicitation policy

Twenty-four is not the number of items you can pile on your sandwich at C-Club. It’s not the number of delicious beverages provided for your consumption, and it definitely isn’t the amount of toppings on a slice of Papa John’s pizza. Twenty-four is the number of things the Marion County Health Department found unsanitary or