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No ban, no wall, unity for all

No ban, no wall, unity for all

Opinion editors Carissa Marquardt and Maria Rapisarda recount the Unity Walk put on by Butler’s Muslim Students Association on Feb. 4, 2017, in an effort to unify the campus after the tumultuous first few weeks of Trump’s administration.

Fall in love with October

Autumn on Butler University’s campus. Photo from Flickr. CARISSA MARQUARDT | OPINION EDITOR | It may not feel like it, but it is official: fall has arrived. This time last year I was becoming an icicle at a renaissance fair, red-nosed and numb-fingered thanks to a relentless sprinkle of frozen rain. This time last

The good, the bad and the dirty of random roommates

Illustration by Jessica Lee. CARISSA MARQUARDT | OPINION EDITOR | MARIA RAPISARDA | ASST. OPINION EDITOR | Considering your first college roommate could mean the difference between a horror story and a fairy tale when you tell your family about them. Hearing so many of the former and not enough of the latter

Why I ‘wasted’ my artistic talents

Photo from Pixabay CARISSA MARQUARDT | OPINION COLUMNIST | When I was younger, I was “that kid” to my peers.   Sometime in elementary school my classmates and teachers figured out I had a tiny bit more talent than almost everyone else when it came to art class.   During my homeroom’s holiday party,