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An Editor-in-Chief farewell four years in the making

An Editor-in-Chief farewell four years in the making

Editor-in-Chief Alexis Price gives her final farewell to readers as she looks back at her last four years with the Butler Collegian.

So, I went to a Trump rally

ALEXIS PRICE | OPINION EDITOR | If you would have told me almost three years ago, when I took my first political science class,  I would attend a political rally, I would have scoffed, rolled my eyes and probably said something about not believing in party affiliation. And if you told me the rally

Indy’s best coffee grounds

Photo courtesy of Pexels ALEXIS PRICE | OPINION EDITOR Many girls—and women—have constructed this fantasy of falling in love at a coffee shop. I blame Landon Pigg and every romantic comedy ever—cue girl running into guy and clumsily, but adorably, spilling her latte all over the front of his button up shirt. Though, here lately,

One unattractive thing we should care about

ALEXIS PRICE | OPINION EDITOR I will admit I have fallen victim to them a few times. I will scroll through Pinterest and see them under, “Picked for you;” or browse my Facebook feed and see that three of my friends shared a common post. Usually—regrettably—I click on them out of curiosity. I almost make

Dealing with the “L” word

Photo from Public Domain Pictures ALEXIS PRICE | OPINION EDITOR | My grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer nine years ago; my aunt was diagnosed just last year. In 2010, my mom discovered she had cervical cancer, right after my brother was born. But I never lost anyone to cancer. When I tried to think

Have yourself an artificial Christmas

Cartoon by Camille Bates ALEXIS PRICE | OPINION EDITOR   I understand all of the arguments for them. They are less messy. They are kinder to allergies. In a sense, they are a better investment than purchasing a new—and probably very expensive—one every season. Some say they are more environmentally friendly, although I will rebutt

A college student’s Christmas list

ALEXIS PRICE | OPINION EDITOR On Black Friday, we hoped for deals from FAFSA rather than our favorite clothing stores. When we wrote our Christmas lists, we asked for VISA gift cards—keeping loads of laundry and Starbucks in mind. We told our parents that we wanted a new pair of rainboots instead of the latest

Why we should appreciate the English major

ALEXIS PRICE | OPINION EDITOR Photo courtesy of Public Domain Image “Writers don’t make much money, do they?” “What, do you want to write books or something?” “Can you even get a job with an English degree?” “Your workload probably won’t be very stressful. Do you just read Shakespeare and stuff?” Oh, the pressing questions