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Butler director of Greek life no longer at university

Butler director of Greek life no longer at university

Becky Druetzler, director of Greek life, no longer works at Butler University. Frank Ross, vice president for student affairs notified Greek life leaders of her departure via email on Feb. 1.

Victim Advocate, students: Butler’s sexual assault programming is not the answer

The Butler Community received messages about increased programming for sexual assault awareness month and an outline of a plan to improve the university’s approach surrounding sexual assault. However, the university’s victim advocate and students are skeptical that increased programming will help survivors or change campus culture.

Campaign unclear to students

MIRANDA MARITATO STAFF REPORTER The goal of Butler University’s “Let Us Be Clear” campaign is to inform students the legal age to possess and consume alcohol is 21, but students under 21 who consume can call Butler University Police Department for emergency assistance. Freshman Abbigail Peters said she believes posters around campus are sending mixed

The ins and outs of FERPA

MELISSA IANNUZZI | ASST. NEWS EDITOR A group of Butler students gathered to smoke marijuana late one night when they were approached by a Butler University Police Department officer. He started to confiscate their drugs when one of the girls started seizing and fell to the ground. “I was absolutely terrified,” said the student, who

Student shot with pellet gun at AV

Published Sept. 18, 2012 A student shot another student in the head and shoulder with a pellet gun at Apartment Village on Sept. 11. Ben Hunter, chief of staff and executive director of public safety, refused to release the full incident report. The Collegian was granted access to a redacted version of the report. Around

Students: Butler not diverse

About 51 percent of students disagree that Butler University is diverse,  according to results from a new survey by  Student Affairs. About 37 percent somewhat disagreed that Butler is diverse, and 14 percent strongly disagreed with that statement. The survey gauged Butler’s diversity and students’ perspective on campus atmosphere. There were 527 students who participated

OPINION | Diversity, inclusion must be everyone’s priority

On April 18, Butler University’s Office of Student Affairs released the numbers from  its diversity survey. The data revealed that most Butler students do not believe the school is very diverse. Specifically, 71 percent of students of color and/or gay and lesbian students thought this. If students, faculty and staff want to see a more

Administration working to improve rentention rates

The retention rates at Butler University have been consistent over the years, but the university is looking to bring them closer to 100 percent. Right now, Butler’s average retention from first to second year is 88 percent. “If you don’t retain students there, they won’t be there for their junior year,” Associate Provost Mary Macmanus