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Faculty circulates parking position

Miranda Maritato | Staff Reporter Butler faculty is working to change the current regulations for parking lot two, located outside of the Fairbanks Center. In an effort to draw attention to the issue, College of Communication administrative assistant Maggie McGlynn and Liberal Arts and Sciences administrative assistant Amy Aldridge formed a petition to allow their

Butler announces parking changes

MARAIS JACON-DUFFY NEWS EDITOR Butler University announced changes to parking rules for the remainder of the semester via email Tuesday. Student will now be allowed to park in three different “A” lots, typically for faculty and staff parking, between 5 p.m. and 7 a.m. and in another “A” lot near Irwin Library between 8 p.m.

Apartment Village student circulating petition

JEFF STANICH | STAFF REPORTER A parking lot adjacent to Apartment Village often sits nearly empty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because students who live in AV cannot park there. Because of this parking situation, multiple AV residents—with their parking options reduced—have been getting ticketed if they try to park in the

TKE parking lot sits empty

ALEXANDRA BODE STAFF REPORTER The 2013-2014 school year marks the second school year that Butler’s Tau Kappa Epsilon chapter is no longer active. The former TKE house is located between Phi Delta Theta and Alpha Chi Omega. Behind it is a lot with approximately 50 parking spots. Lately, many students have noticed how empty this

Construction disturbs Rocky Ripple

RYAN LOVELACE | MANAGING EDITOR Rocky Ripple residents have reacted negatively to the construction Butler University brought to their neighborhood and to the traffic that will come from the new long-term parking lot. “The neighbors there are ready to lynch me over it,” said Rocky Ripple town council member Robert Tomey, who approved Butler’s parking

Shaken, not disturbed

WRITTEN BY JACLYN MCCONNELL, PHOTOGRAPHER It’s a good thing James Bond is with the Butler University Marching Band this year. The band is rolling out a Bond-themed halftime show this academic year while battling through a number of troubles in order to have a successful show. Besides making an appearance in their show, the marching

Neighbors provide input

Traffic concerns are at the top of the list for some Butler-Tarkington residents when it comes to the construction of a possible parking facility. Butler University officials presented a proposal for the facility to the neighborhood association on Monday evening. Ben Hunter, chief of staff, and Rich Michal, executive director of facilities, introduced the preliminary

Garage won’t solve existing parking woes

If Butler University builds a parking structure as discussed, it will not solve the parking problem as it currently exists. The Collegian’s analysis of information provided by Ben Hunter, executive director of public safety, shows that as many as 850 current permit holders would have no place to park if Butler proceeds with plans to