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Tea Time 2.6

It’s a new year and a new episode of Tea Time! Madi and Audrey cover trains, planes, automobiles, and movie critics, among other things. Also, new tunes are shared, because everyone needs a playlist refresh for the start of the spring semester.

LambdaGate: Updates on the Lambda Chi turf war

Instead of passively waiting for Lambda to decide whether or not to reestablish themselves, Butler is actively coaxing them back onto campus by paying architects and designers to create a feasible vision for the new house.

New year, new horoscopes

New Year’s resolutions can be tough. Narrowing down all of your life improvement goals into a single, streamlined list of priorities is undoubtedly a daunting task. Even now, as we near the end of January, many are in need of inspiration for just how to go about it. Good news: the stars are here to help. Bad news: I’m not a phenomenal translator of said stars, but wrote a series of New Year’s horoscopes anyway. Here they are!