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STAFF EDITORIAL | Student opinion is valuable

STAFF EDITORIAL | Student opinion is valuable

Plans for a residence hall and parking garage have come to light.

Vice President of Student Affairs Levester Johnson unveiled a few residence hall floor plans at the Student Government Association meeting on Oct. 24 for representatives to discuss.

Administrators and SGA have a huge opportunity to connect to students by involving them in the planning process.

This change can bring the community together by incorporating everyone’s voice while developing the building.

To allow this public forum to happen, administrators, SGA officials and anyone involved in the development process need to market the events.

If and when administrators publicly present blueprints for this project, they should inform the entire student body so everyone can voice an opinion.

Students have a deep and undeniable stake in this project.

Students invest in university projects with tuition dollars.

Finances aside, students have several other reasons to be involved in this process.

If students feel they have a direct impact on aspects of the building, they will likely feel much better about the future state of the university.

The idea of leaving a visible legacy is especially appealing for students.

It would be incredible to return to Butler as an alumnus and point out a building that you helped create.

Perhaps most importantly, the student body’s college  experience would bring a needed perspective in how the building is constructed.

Students may have a different opinion than administrators and trustees about how the project should develop.

Due to the high stakes students have in this plan, the administration must ensure that students have many opportunities to voice their ideas.

Butler University’s small size and connectedness make it simple to gather student input.

Administrators could send out a survey over BUmail to get ideas from students.

They should also use BUmail to publicize future meetings and events about the developing projects.

More public forum events, similar to President Jim Danko’s discussion about the Student Strategic Vision last week, should be formed to discuss these changes.

If another discussion about developing building plans happens at SGA, members could let campus know through the organization’s Twitter account.

When these significant discussions happen at SGA, officers should publish the minutes through either the Butler Connection or BUmail for those who miss the meeting.

No matter how the leaders on campus decide to incorporate the student body in these decisions, they should not pass up the opportunity to do so.

Otherwise, they miss a chance to bring the Butler community together to make vital positive changes for the community.

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IT looks to increase information sharing

IT looks to increase information sharing

Butler University students will soon be more acquainted with Google programs when BUmail is linked with Google Apps later this spring.

According to the Butler Information Technology website, Google Docs will be the first app fully supported through BUmail, but “most other apps (e.g. Sites, Blogger, YouTube, Google+, etc.) will be available for use at your discretion.” Gmail and Google calendars will not be available for use.

The driving force behind the Google Apps and BUmail merge is to increase information sharing among students.

“One of the big things about Google Apps is that it creates better collaboration,” junior Sandy Meers, a management information systems major who works in the IT office, said. “So with stuff like Google Docs, you are allowed to share documents and work with everyone in real time and get everything accomplished much easier and quicker.”

Although the new Google Apps will be used by professors and students, they will not be a replacement to Blackboard.

“Google Apps are a great set of tools, but they’re not a learning management system like blackboard,” Tyler Johnston, systems support project coordinator, said. “There will always be a learning management system, at least in the near future.”

Although the apps will not be replacing Blackboard, Johnston is excited for the potential he says the apps hold.

“I think the most exciting part of all this will be what students think up to use this for. It’s a different way to work,” Johnston said. “It’s like asking me what you can use Microsoft Word for. Well, I don’t know. It’s really however you apply it to your situation.”

Johnston said an exact date has not been projected for the availability of the BUmail and Google Docs partnership, but it should be availableto students shortly after spring break.

The push for the new Google Apps originated in the Technology Master Plan of 2010–14. One of the plan’s main objectives is that “Butler continually evolves to meet the demands of our students, faculty, staff and other constituents,” according to the Butler IT website.

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